2020 Week 12

My website

I worked on my websites because there are a few things I would like to change. I began to optimize the design for Kai OS devices. These are low cost and low-performance feature phones that have a screen width of 240px. Because of that low pixel count, most websites don´t work that great and must be optimized. I am not finished with this process but there is not a lot of work to do.

My Go Web Framework/CMS

I learned a lot about the Go Programming Language in the past weeks and for that reason, I had to rewrite most of my Web Framework/CMS. Things will be way more clear and easier to understand. I also added unit tests to everything to save time in the future and also to be more relaxed when I change something. Also, I learned some more things about Go Modules and how I can use them with my private Gitlab Server.

The things I write on this blog are my own opinions and based on the things I learned running my own infrastructure or building my personal projects. It stands in no connection with my job.

23 March 2020 - Philipp Keschl