2020 Week 13 - 28

As you can see in the title it´s been a while since I wrote a post. In this, I will recap the last weeks.

Because of the Corona Virus, I had a lot of time on the weekends to work on private projects or learn something new.

Website of my sister

My sister created a new design for her website so we had to redo all the CSS and some of the HTML. Now the site looks way better but we found some things that we must change in the future.

Daniela Keschl Portfolio

You can check out her page here.

Go and my Web Framework

I learned a lot about Go internals and performance optimizations. With that knowledge, I could improve the performance of my Web Framework by many milliseconds. I am not done yet but I want to focus on some frontend performance next because the performance is very very good as it is.

I also added Prometheus metrics to my Web Framework so I can see the memory usage or how long the garbage collector runs are. I added the Response Time and Response HTTP Status Code as custom metrics. I will write a post about that in the next days.

New test PC

I bought a new test PC because I wanted to test software RAID in Linux. My Home server has a hardware RAID controller but the software for that is not available for Ubuntu/Debian. So I cannot monitor the status of the disks which is very important for me.

I googled a lot but I could not find answers to all my questions so I tested them all for myself. All behave as expected and so I am currently working on the migration of everything that runs on that server. I will also add SSDs to improve performance. Maybe I will also write a post about that because it could help others that have the same questions.

The things I write on this blog are my own opinions and based on the things I learned running my own infrastructure or building my personal projects. It stands in no connection with my job.

12 July 2020 - Philipp Keschl