2020 Week 5

The blog is live 🎉🥳

To start a blog is my biggest New Year resolution. I want to help others and that's why I want to share my knowledge. Because this is new to me and I`m not the best writer, I want to start with these weekly posts about the things that happened in that week.

The blog

The webpage and the blog are completely self-developed. I do everything by myself (Frontend, Backend, Database, Hosting, …) so I think about the things I need and start building it. I use Go as the Backend Language and built my own Framework or CMS that makes some things easier and faster. The blog is not done yet, I have a lot of ideas that I want to add but I want to publish it first and will add those in the future.


I'm a big fan of podcasts and always hear them while I'm driving. This week I listened to a podcast about Kubernetes and they also talked about "monolith vs microservices" and why monoliths are the future. I can only talk about my small infrastructure but I think that they are right. It is very hard to run those massive microservice architectures so I think that it could be true that monoliths are the future (again 😁). The tech world is always searching for new things and that is what I also like about it.

I personally have a mixed architecture. I split everything in own projects because I think it is easier to run and maintain. For example, every webpage that uses Go as the Backend language has it's own Docker Container for the Executable.


I have a really complex backup system because my data is very important to me. For that reason, I searched for many weeks for a backups solution that is not always connected, easy to use, transportable (for offsite storage) and durable. After many hours of research and comparison, I bought an RDX cartridge (I already have a Drive for it in one of my servers). They are normal HDDs but in a special cartridge. So you don´t need any cables and they are also more durable.

If you want some more information about RDX you can check out the page from the manufacturer Tandberg Data.

I have a separate post planned about my backup system and why it is how it is. So stay tuned for that.

The things I write on this blog are my own opinions and based on the things I learned running my own infrastructure or building my personal projects. It stands in no connection with my job.

02 February 2020 - Philipp Keschl