2020 Week 7

Service Worker

For philippkeschl.at I use a Service Worker to improve the performance and make the page more reliable. But my current implementation used a cache first strategy and I had problems with that. So I checked out some blog posts and implemented a network first strategy with cache fallback. The current implementation is not perfect but it works better as before.


In Austria and other European countries, we have an academic title that is called "Ingenieur" (german for an engineer). This title is below a bachelor's degree. You can get it if you completed a technical school and worker 3 years in this field.

I did all of that so I needed to write a short letter about the projects I did at work and also had to talk with teachers/experts to get the title. I passed everything so I can now use the title.

Web NFC and NFC in general

I found a tweet from Google about Web NFC that I had to check out because I am always interested in new technology. Because I didn´t know a lot about NFC in general, I started looking at it first and also searched for what it is used. I really like the idea of NFC and I also like that they bring this technology to the web platform.

I am currently searching for a use case because I really want to build something with it.

Smart home solutions

Because I am a big tech nerd I am also interested in smart home solutions. But I have a problem with solutions that store all my data in the cloud and also need the cloud to work. So I checked the internet for possible solutions that work completely without the cloud and found the products from Shelly and Sonoff. Some of them need special firmware to work without the cloud but that's not a problem for me. So I think I will try some of the products and start making my home smart. I think I will write a post about that in the future so if you are interested you can check my blog in the future.

Taught my sister HTML and CSS

My sister has a bachelor`s degree in graphic design but most of the design jobs also need some knowledge in HTML and CSS. Because I am a self-taught web developer I thought I could teach her the basics.

We began with the amazing HTML and CSS handbooks from Flavio Copes. He makes such an amazing job and his handbooks are all free. So if you want to learn web development please check him out.

To make things more clear we also created a small web page. My sister will now try to build a page alone and hopefully, this helps her to get the job she wants.

Server maintenance

I manage multiple servers and from time to time they need some more care. This was needed this weekend. I updated everything on all of my servers to be completely secure again. I do this all the time but upgrades to major versions need a little bit more time and care.

The things I write on this blog are my own opinions and based on the things I learned running my own infrastructure or building my personal projects. It stands in no connection with my job.

16 February 2020 - Philipp Keschl